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Why are you doing a crowdfunding at this moment in time? (especially with the Covid, etc.)

_ Musicians and artists are having a hard time earning even a bit of money. We started composing during the pandemic almost like a way of surviving the very difficult moment we are passing through. Stefano and I did our very first album together 30 years ago. After a few months we had 12 original songs…. Then we decided, against all odds, to print CDs and entered the crowdfunding-world as per advise of Jaguar Arte, Natalia Correa. Now we still have 36 days to go and have reached the generous 47% of the sum, thank you backers!! Please, spread the voice!

What are the topics the album talks about?

All songs talk about love and hate, but this album has several items and I decided for a fast briefing of each song.

!. E' Pro Rio Amazonas – this opening song is about nature, people and food from the Amazonas rain forest, huge river and a story that I went there with Donatella Castellani when we were 24 years old and she is doing the backing vocals in several songs. This is commemorate 40 years of friendship. The rhythm is carimbó

2. DUE COMETE is the story of how we, Stefano and I, lived these decades, circulating in the same Universe- MUSIC but we barely crossed and meeting again, just because we could not move anywhere else, made this album possible

3. COMO NUM CINEMA here the lyrics speak about frontiers and how to cope with it, there is a phrase, “ I dream a world without frontiers, nobody is a foreigner anymore, we do not have to part” the composition is epic and suggested vast landscapes

Toda estação is a song of love that enhances the 4 seasons and their beauty.

Gioia La mia Nave has something of a Fellini movie and talks about the need an artist has to go forward with his art

Nossa Milongs brasileira, is a Milonga, sort of tango, and the lyrics are a little trash, over-dramatic, but fun.

Há uma inteireza, talks about humanity and nature fusing into ONE whole being, one whole thing

Lontan, far in English is I Venetian dialect and it is also a love song with an accent for the Italian canzone with long notes sort of calling from one part of the world to another

Namorar speaks about teenagers falling in love (isn’t it all about love?)

John and Yoko, the only song in English, is an homage to the Beatles and to the love between John and Yoko

Bossa Waltz is someone waking-up, opening the window, and noticing a nice day, writes a song to a new love that he just met

Amor de elevador (Stefano Scutari / Lica Cecato) is the last song of our new album DUE COMETE (link on the bio). It’s a metropolitan parody, lift-talk, lift-glances, a flirt that finishes by being love at first sight and they stay together forever, a happy-ending story.

Why is the album called “Due comete” (two comets)?

In your whole life and at Jaguar Arte you have done art expositions and you also sell artworks, so how have you/are you managing this shift from visual arts to music?

I see no limits for creation, and I am not the only one, Kurt Shwitters was a painter/musician, Leonardo da Vinci, Johnny Mitchel and so on and so forth. I work 48 hours a day and try to do both.

Can you talk a bit more about the rhythms and the connection to Brazil & the Amazonas?

I only traveled once to Amazonas, stayed two months, unforgettable.

How has the Brazilian environment influenced your works over the years?

great part of my work comes from Brazil, the rich mixture of races and cultures… my grand-parents were immigrants. This new album, as a very sensitive friend of mine said, is more of a traveler with no boundaries. It is not a Brazilian-only kind of music.

What is the goal you would like to achieve by publishing this album?

Happiness to keep on doing what we love.

Stefano is your partner in this project, playing the guitar, and is from Italy. It would be interesting how he influenced the musical style of the album with his Italian background?

Stefano traveled more than 10 times to Brazil, studies Brazilian guitar since even before we met, 40 years ago. He knows the best Brazilian guitarists and I guarantee that if you close your eyes, you can swear he wasn’t born in Italy, but in Brazil. We have also a percussion player guest, extremely nice, LEO DI ANGILLA, who was supposed to be only a guest in some songs and played on 11 from the 12 songs!

Watch the whole interview on Jaguar Arte's Instagram:

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