My journey as a singer songwriter

Updated: Feb 19

For a musician, composing is a motive of great happiness.

I composed my first song when I was 14 and sung it with the band I was then part of during a community music festival inland in Sao Paulo and won it. We were so naïvely innocent and had never expected to win it. Imagine our surprise and joy!

The song is called “Amor Adolescente” - Teen Love - and is included in the songbook I am releasing this month, containing 45 compositions of mine, some co-composed with great guys.

With transcriptions and editing by Ricardo Gilly (Gilly Music), our endeavor lasted for two years.

The songbook features a wide range of songs: from the very first to the last ones, including two compositions with Gilly and a beautiful samba with the Japanese guitar player Norihito Nagasawa.

Yet, let’s get back to my story. I still vividly remember my listening to a band playing a song of mine decades ago as well as 2012 in Köln, Germany, when the great WDR BIG BAND played a special arrangement by Manfred Schoof of two of my compositions, Maresias and Copacabana. Unforgettable!

In my 43-year long career, I stepped on several stages, played and sung with incredible bands made by fantastic musicians some of whom I had not crossed my path with before. I still remember the happiness and pounding heart when I used to be alone on stage with my voice and guitar in front of big crowds.

I have never experienced a greater sense of joy than when playing for the first time in front of people who were totally unaware of my music and suddenly realized that they had started singing along with me my “unknown songs”!

Instant music! What an infinite pleasure!

Besides composing, I have always enjoyed playing music by other artists to study their chords and be able to accompany them or sing their songs through my interpretations.

For a long time, I made a living singing in small jazz clubs piano and guitar-bars.

Song-Books were fundamental references for me so that I could learn some standards, lyrics and chords and enhance my repertoire.

Back then, both artists and people used to listen to music recorded on vinyl, cassettes or tape recorders. Now, everything is more practical and faster. Gilly had the great idea of adding to each song a link for digital platforms like Spotify and YouTube as well as charts for guitar and the lyrics with chords, besides the score itself.

You may wonder why I am making this gift to you. Actually, I realized I made a gift to myself, since knowing that other artists all over the world can access my compositions through this book - The Lica Cecato Songs - which you can find on my website and download for free gives me a great deal of happiness.

The only thing I am asking in return is your subscription to my YouTube channel!