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Call Porter 2019

A time warp into Cole Porter's music

Lica Cecato and Paolo Baltaro Orchestra

"You'd better believe us, this is crazy stuff! We wanted to experiment how great songs still remain "great", although played in unusual styles". Lica and Paolo

Call Porter is a multi-faceted and brilliantly colored mosaic of unusual arrangements of Cole Porter's masterpieces, based on Jazz, Rock, Pop, Progressive, Chill Out, Electro-Punk, Mersey Beat, Metal and various experimental stuff, including pills of contemporary music. This album is a story and a lovely time warp. Cole Porter is telling us over the phone that he will be joining us at our party through our time machine. We felt that when interpreting such a free minded, contemporary and inspired composer, we too had to be

open to boundless creativity and utmost freedom of mind.

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