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due comete

Stefano Scutari has compiled this edition of sheet music from our album DUE COMETE in pdf format, containing chords, lyrics and guitar tabs in alphabetical order.



- Digital version only

- Lyrics, chords and guitar charts

- 39 pages 

- 12 songs 

- For professionals or beginners  

- User friendly

- Texts by great writers Tarik de Souza and Paulo Maria Noseda, translated into Portuguese, Italian, English and Japanese.



The book was made with all care and detail. We ask you, as a contribution, to kindly subscribe Licantare's YouTube channel  and Stefano Scutari's Youtube channelYour Subscription MATTERS! ;-)

Listen our album DUE COMETE on Spotify!

Reading tips:

In alphabetical order: chords in red above the lyrics and underneath each song you will find the Guitar Tabs.


Texts by Tárik de Souza and Paolo Maria Noseda in Portuguese, Italian, English and Japanese.


The album's technical reference. 

Screenshot 2021-07-30 at 21.03.31.png

The book is free to download, we only ask you in return, the courtesy to subscribe to the YouTube Official Artist's Licantare channel and Stefano Scutari's Youtube channel, with just one click underneath. Thank you for your contribution!

Lica & Stefano

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