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For the first time a version of a composition by Caetano Veloso

in Italian


CUORE VAGABONDO is an Italian version by Lica Cecato of the song CORAÇÃO VAGABUNDO by Caetano Veloso. In 1996, PELE, the first album recorded in Germany by Lica, includes Japanese versions of Caetano Veloso's song "De manhã" as well as "Meditação" by Gilberto Gil. This is a new collaboration between Lica Cecato and Carlo Morena apart from touring together in Italy, Portugal and Germany. Lica Cecato, an international, multifaceted and independent personality, has been expanding musical boundaries for four decades. Carlo Morena is a brilliant Italian jazz pianist, having performed alongside Charlie Mariano, John Abercrombie and Enrico Rava among others. In this musical arrangement elements of MPB and Jazz are highlighted, through the simplicity and complicity of a duo of voice and piano. Caetano Veloso is not only a major composer, but also one of our greatest poets. Translating poetry is a challenge. It is with great pleasure that we are releasing the first official version of a song by Caetano Veloso in Italian language.



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