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Autumn in Japan

Musical tour in Japan

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Autumn in Japan
Autumn in Japan

Time & Location

2023年10月09日 19:00 – 23:50

Sendai, Japan, 〒980-0811 Miyagi, Sendai, Aoba Ward, Ichibanchō, 4-chōme−4−36 ファーストワンビル3F

About the Event

I will be performing with some of my favourite musicians again. They are all TOP musically and humanly. Please come and join us!

Isn't life a wonder? Every day is unique and just like live music, every LIVE we do, even if it is a well-known standard song, will have a unique and new flavour!

Best regards and hope to see you again and keep up doing good music and art!


10/9 (Mon. holiday) 

Copo do Dia (Tokyo)

Lica Cecato voc. & MONIJIN LIVE

Lica Cecato voc. 

Norihito Nagasawa Guitar 

Chromatic Harmonica 

17:00 open 18:00 start 

charge 3500yen +2 orders 

Nishi Okubo 4-26-10 Yamaai Corporation 103, Suginami-ku, Tokyo Nishiogikita 4-26-10 Yamaai Corporation 103, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, Japan 

Tokyo, Nishiogikita 4-26-10 Yamaai Corporation 103, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, Japan 

10/11 (Wed)


18:30 open 19:30- start

4-4-36 Ichibancho, Aoba-ku, Sendai

Shohei Nasu, guit.

Lica Cecato, gui. voc.

10/13 (Fri) Le Ciel Bleu (Yamagata)

Kaminoyama-city, Yamagata, Japan

Live Music & French Dinner 

Live Music & Fantastic French Cuisine

Dinner Time 18:30 OPEN Charge: ¥7500

Shohei Nasu (g.)

Lica Cecato (g. voc.)

Tel: 023-674-8753

10/14 (Sat) lounge Tsukiyono Ishimaki

Lica Cecato Vo/G Shohei Nasu G

Ishinomaki, Miyagi open 20:00 start 20:30 ¥2500 (with 1Drink)

Ishinomaki Chuo 2-4-5 Tan no Bldg. 1F

Tel. 090-1398-1964 

10/15 (Sun) Ageo TicoTico no fuba Saitama

Lica Cecato + Monijin Live

Lica Cecato : vocal

Nagasawa Norihito : guitar

Matsumonica : harmonica

Open 18:00 Start 18:30 

Reservations 3500 yen (early bird discount during September) 4000 yen (from 1 October)

(First 20 people to arrive, will close as soon as they are gone)

3F, 2-2-17 Yatsu, Ageo-shi, Saitama

(5 min walk from Ageo Station West Exit)

Tico Tico no fuba 

11/1(Wed) Ogikubo Rooster♪

Brazilian Music Night

OPEN 18:30/START 19:30

CHARGE: 3500 yen + order

Lica Cecato(vo.g) & Monijin [Norihito Nagasawa(g) Matsumonica(hrm)].

For reservations, please email 

with the date of the gig, your name and number of people.

Please send an email to us with the date, name and number of people.


21 Nov (Tue) 

Live at Staccato 

Lica Cecato, gusti. voc.; Matsumonica, chromatic harmonic,; Nagasawa, guitar

2-1-1 Asagayakita, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 166-0001

Asagaya Station North Exit, Kozy Corner, 6th floor (in front of Matsuya)

Asagaya Staccato 

Phone: 03-5327-8337

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