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The web-book Lica Cecato Songs starts the year 2021 as a breath of hope. “The music must continue”, Lica said. So, anyone who wishes to play Lica’s compositions, with transcription and editing by Ricardo Gilly (Gilly Music Publishing) will find sheet music, lyrics with chord symbols, charts for guitar and a link to each song on the digital platforms Spotify and YouTube. Have fun!

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More than four decades after her professional debut as a singer, a dozen CDs released, concerts around the world and meetings in studios and on stage with some among the best artists of contemporary music, Lica Cecato celebrates her journey with a book of compositions, her much loved songbook. The collection, which is now available in digital version, ranges from the songs that Lica composed in partnership in 2020, to her album, Quero Querer, released in 2018, to the very first ones. Among these Amor adolescente, a samba-canção written when she was a teenager.

- Digital version only

- Melodies, lyrics, chords and guitar charts

- 155 pages 

- 45 songs 

- For professionals or beginners  

- User friendly

We have created a playlist on Spotify especially for this book!

The book was made with all care and detail. We ask you, as a contribution, to kindly subscribe Licantare's YouTube channelYour Subscription MATTERS! ;-)

Reading tips:

Lyrics and chord symbols above the lyrics for all songs. Each song also includes chord grids at the top of every page followed by the melody for reference.


The book is free to download, we only ask you in return, the courtesy to subscribe to the YouTube Official Artist's Licantare channel, with just one click underneath. Thank you for your contribution!

Lica & Gilly

A little home studio in Copacabana, Paquequer, a duo Lica Cecato (voice, caxixi) and Ricardo Gilly (classical guitar unplugged), a wish of recording something informal together.

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