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Lica's texts about some of the boxes

MEN, BIKE & A CLOCK Bicycle Wheel is a readymade from Marcel Duchamp made in 1913, consisting of a bicycle fork with front wheel mounted upside-down on a wooden stool. I always thought he saw it also as an old Clock. 

THE GOLDEN AGE Floating on a shell, they reached for each other in (a vicious cycle) never finding a way of looking deep in the into each other's eyes nor being able to kiss, quite the opposite. Where is the light switch? There isn't any.


THE THIRD MAN Unnoticed, the intruder connects two strangers sitting on a park bench together.


MAN SITTING ON A CORAL Whoever moves to the seaside never wants to go back.


ROUND PINK LONER Where on the Earth can you walk a mile south, a mile west, and a mile north, and end up exactly where you started?

COMPANION'S BOX 旅は道連れ世は情け When you travel, you travel with others; when you live, you live with others. The otherness. 


GEMINI. Two birth twins, abandoned at sea, await the mermaids and listen to their golden songs


WAITING FOR HER LOVER After crossing the border alone and surviving, surrounded by a sea of her own fingerprints, she remains waiting for her lover on an endless sea, her mind wandering as small boats pass her by.


SAVE THE CHILDREN Humans destroy, kill, deforest, do what they want, covered by political power. The children cannot be raised on such practices


ROUND BLUE LONER Born, lived and died where you started?


UP THE STAIRS What was I before seeing those infinite stairs that led to others and more? The access is fundamental but .... what's the entrance for?


EDWARD HOPPER'S BOX With some clues but no specific hints, the sitting lady forces viewers to complete the scenery. Some of Edward Hopper's paintings convey the same sense of not-tragic loneliness.


DEDICATED TO ROBERT WILSON I created this box after seeing the piece by Robert Wilson, "I was sitting on my patio when this guy appeared and I thought I was hallucinating". Despite their talkative behavior, they are not listening to each other. Airwaves of thoughts design an angle skywards.

SHE'S LEAVING HOME BYE BYE A place has its own identity and history. An island is an island, and a person is a person. Despite suggesting someone lonesome, isolated, and lost, the scene has an intrinsic beauty, which mysteriously enhances and magnifies an indescribable feeling.


DROPS-MANKIND Feet walking on the floor, sitting on chairs, carrying a work folder on the underground, going to school, cleaning the house, does your head go with your body? The drop-people, or balloon-people, have special permission to float, indeed, and have their own colours.

KUMANO NATCHI WATERFALL 熊野那智滝 Gazing at the Natchi Waterfall, one sensed that everything is connected, time and space, the five elements of nature, our world, other worlds. 133 metres high and millions of particles dissolve and blend us. Yatagarasu 八咫烏, come save us from disorientation.


THE ENTANGLED The human dance has an episodic immobility, with people involved in a series of obligatory encounters, bound by tight elastic bands, invisible to the naked eye, that control freedom. The choreography of men, beauty and awe.


WOMAN WITHIN A SHELL Whoever moves to the seaside never wants to return.


WRECKAGE There was something immediate, which made people and shells turn into statues, which ended up at the bottom of the sea. No one knows the provenance, there is no indication of a ship, but it is known that mermaids use the beautiful mausoleum in a sensual way, to rehearse their songs and attract sailors.

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