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Artist's books and special projects 



Lica Cecato

Editora Giostri

Production Amalia Tarallo, who encouraged me to make a patchwork of many writings about Japan and other trips around the world.

São Paulo, 2014


This is a book about bridges and how one mind can conceive and build them to cut distances short.

This is a book about time, the absence of time and the second that separates a dream from the world.

This is a book made of double pages of doubled images of one mind.

This is a book about the primordial elements that make the world and us all belong to our ultimate unifying factor: Nature.

This is a book of many voices and yet a book where silence finds its imperial kingdom.

This is a book of withering contradictions turning into the quest for an unquenching thirst for knowledge.

This is a book of whispers blown by the wind that, like the sky, unifiy and protect us all.

This is a book of lessons taught, lessons learned and lessons still to come, like an open door on a pitch dark night.

This is a book written by a woman, an artist, a songwriter, a singer, a painter, a photographer, a linguist, a poet.

This book is a gift to be treasured and to be offered, like one would do with one’s own labour.

This is a book of peace.

Paolo Maria Noseda

Libro de artista.jpg

Libre d’être livre - Livre de ser livro / Livre d’être libre – Livro de ser livre

Rio de Janeiro 2016


Edition of 14 copies, made by hand, containing an original painting in acrylic on canvas of 19x19 cm, signed by the artist, 19 x 19 cm, each.

Captura de pantalla 2019-07-09 a las 7.1


Editora Giostri

Production Amalia Tarallo

São Paulo, 2014


A few years ago, a poet friend, TT.O, from Melbourne, Australia, gave me a business card that read: Famous Poet. It made me laugh a lot, and yet I decided I wanted one which read: Famous Singer. I started making these drawings just for fun, and now I keep on getting a curious reaction from people when they see my artworks: they smile while they look up at me and this just creates a feeling of abatement between me, the rule-breaker, and them, who are , in turn, approving of and accepting their will to break the rules. 

These artworks are black and white rule-breakers, graphic jokes about famous paintings that remain in people's minds forever, made by artists from the world over: Joan Miró, Man Ray, Edvard Munch, Tarsila do Amaral, Salvador Dali, Giorgio Morandi, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Amedeo Modigliani, Georges Braque, Henri Matisse, Francis Bacon.

Signed: Famous Artist

(English translation Paolo Maria Noseda)


Edition of two handmade albums by the artist, signed, with a set of the thirty assembled photos, detachable from the pages and a small wooden easel for being able of displaying and changing images without a frame.
The photos are a selection of images taken the last five years, of images reflected on Venice's canals, where the artist has lived for decades.

The printing of four copies signed individually by the artist was carried out by Micoud Venezia in February 2020.

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WhatsApp Image 2021-01-22 at


Lica’s compositions, with transcription and editing by Ricardo Gilly (Gilly Music Publishing)



Lica Cecato song's sheets music, lyrics with chord symbols, charts for guitar and a link to each song on the digital platforms Spotify and YouTube. Have fun!



Stefano Scutari has compiled this edition of sheet music from our album DUE COMETE in pdf format, containing chords, lyrics and guitar tabs in alphabetical order.

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